Legalizing hemp and marijuana for that matter, is the solution, the government does not want to allow so because they wont have the control and power they feed off of, it would resolve the issue that keeps the systems’ “hand” on the nation. It would eliminate the need for jobs because everyone could profit, it would lower fuel cost tremendously, while still providing clothing, rope, food, and other resources that would potentially end the need for the governments power that is held over our lives.


WAITSFIELD, Vt. (AP) — Some Vermont farmers want to plant hemp now that the state has a law setting up rules to grow the plant, a cousin of marijuana that’s more suitable for making sandals than getting high.

But federal law forbids growing hemp without a permit, so farmers could be risking the farm if they decide to grow the plant that the Drug Enforcement Agency basically considers marijuana.

Hemp and marijuana share the same species — cannabis sativa — but hemp has a negligible content of THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana. Under federal law, all cannabis plants fall under the marijuana label, regardless of THC content.

To grow marijuana for industrial purposes or research, a grower must register with the DEA and meet specific security requirements, such as installing costly fencing for a field of hemp.

A national nonprofit group is pushing to change current law and move…

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