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Medical Marijuana, Inc’s (MJNA.PK) PhytoSPHERE Systems is ramping up capacity to deliver one of the most revolutionary compounds promoting health and wellness in our lifetime.  I’m not talking about some synthetic compound mixed in lab.  I’m talking about a naturally occurring compound derived from the industrial hemp plant stalk and seed known as Cannabidiol (CBD).

What is CBD?

Most people are familiar with Cannabis which is the scientific term that’s used to describe the genus (biological classification) of marijuana or hemp.  Marijuana contains both THC (the stuff that gets people high) and CBD.  Hemp commonly refers to the low THC strains of the Sativa plant that are used for industrial applications and highly nutritious food products and oils.

What many don’t realize is that a lot of the medicinal benefits attributed THC or other cannabinoids are actually derived from the CBD content of the cannabis.  CBD…

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